• Average length of 5 to 10 days, depending on the trip’s main objectives
  • This is a top-ranking program among TV crews and professional underwater photographers who come to us
  • Explores various exclusive locations in Midwest Brazil

Operated only at specific times of the year, this specialized program will direct all efforts to find and photograph (or film) large anacondas in and out of the water. Exploring locations with exclusive access and always with a very experienced team, it is an unrivaled adventure!



“My guide here in Bonito is the talented and knowledgeable Daniel de Granville, who has lived here for years, speaks perfect English and knows EVERYBODY. I recommend him completely if you are ever in this part of the world.”

Kevin Schafer, National Geographic photographer | worked in Bonito with Daniel

“I want to thank Daniel for the great job he did in organizing one of the most important photo expeditions of my career. I had the great pleasure of working with a polite and kind man, who always tried and succeeded in satisfying the numerous needs and wishes which occurred in the meantime. Thanks by heart, Daniel.”

Franco Banfi, Swiss photographer and dive instructor | traveled across Brazil for 3 weeks with Daniel

“I would like to express my deepest thanks to our guide Daniel for the efforts he put forth to making our trip to the south Pantanal a memorable one. Even with the three days of poor weather we had during the week he always found something exciting for all of us to photograph. He was professional, friendly and engaging, not to mention a wealth of knowledge. His good nature attitude has endeared him with many local colleagues that were also helpful in our search for great photo opportunities. My recommendation is complete and without reservation. Thanks so much Daniel! “

Clark Miller, photographer from AquaTerra Imagery | worked in Bonito with Daniel

“Our superb guide, Daniel De Granville, is a celebrated wildlife photographer himself, who I highly recommend to anyone who ventures into Brazil’s wilderness. We aimed an expedition to encounter Anacondas underwater, Jaguars in the wild, Piranhas in the river and the Pink Dolphin. He planned everything and researched my unusual requests, was very supportive and photographer friendly during the entire journey.”

Amos Nachoum, photographer and tour leader at BigAnimals | traveled across Brazil for 3 weeks with Daniel

“It was excellent finding you here in Bonito because, besides knowing all the places and tricks of the trade, you like working with photography, which makes everything work perfectly.” “

Sebastião Salgado, Brazilian photographer | worked with Daniel for 4 days during the last stage of the Genesis Project

“The Pantanal was the best story that I’ve done abroad, thanks to Daniel. He is far and away the best guide and assistant I have ever worked with, and I couldn’t have made my photographs without him. His journalistic instinct and ability to research subjects for hours resulted in many great shooting situations.”

Joel Sartore, National Geographic | traveled through the Pantanal for 4 months with Daniel