Photo in Natur organizes programs according to you interests!


Photo in Natur is a small tour operator that organizes expeditions focused on wildlife for professional or amateur photographers and TV crews. We take care of all stages of the operation, from subject research and logistics to specialized guiding during the trip. No matter if you shoot professionally or as a hobby!

You can rely on our expertise in organizing trips where every detail is thought out in advance to value your investment, optimize your time, provide the highest opportunities for the best images and ensure the necessary safety. After all, you need to dedicate all of your time, patience and concentration to shoot creatively.


Things are different at Photo in Natur, you won’t find standardized and ready-made itineraries. For us each client is different and deserves specific attention, according to your wishes and needs. Our expeditions are fully customized and always planned to explore the best periods of year.

This way you can watch and photograph animals and landscapes in each destination according to your objectives. We specialize in wildlife and birdwatching expeditions in the Pantanal Wetlands and Cerrado (Brazilian Savannas), but we also have partners in different parts of Brazil who help us organize your expedition in the Amazon, Atlantic Forest or Caatinga Scrublands.


When your trip happens with a different approach, your experience among nature is transformed. Photo in Natur is a different tour operator, where our custom programs take into account every detail to provide you a unique experience.

This is our way of understanding and practicing ecotourism.
Therefore, at Photo in Natur you won’t find standardized and ready-made itineraries, since for us each client is different and deserves specific attention according to their wishes and needs.



The TV shoots organized by Photo in Natur have been aired in channels such as Nat Geo, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, among others

Tales by Light

Eric Cheng | Season 2 – Episode 03

Discover our extraordinary world through a stunning cinematic experience—following the journeys of acclaimed photographers pursuing their personal projects. Their aim: changing people’s perceptions through art. See more at: https://canon.com.au/explore/tales-by-light-season-two

Swimming With An Anaconda

Steve Backshall | Swimming With Monsters

Steve Backshall gets face to face with the world’s largest snake, underwater! See more at: https://press.discovery.com/emea/apl/programs/swimming-monsters-steve-backshall/

Face-to-Face with a 20-Foot Anaconda

Jeremy Wade | River Monsters

When Jeremy Wade dives to murky depths hunting a slithery predator, he immediately realizes he could instantly become the hunted. See him come face-to-face with a massive, terrifying anaconda. See more at: http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/river-monsters/

Fantástico fica cara a cara com maior cobra do Brasil

Fanstástico | TV Globo
At a ranch in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, a natural anaconda breeding area has been found. During the mating season the male becomes more aggressive, so it’s important to watch out.


Richard Terry searching for Anacondas

Richard Terry | Man vs Monster

Naturalist presenter Richard Terry comes to Brazil in search for the mythical anacondas. See more at: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/