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How does it work?

Watch the video and find out!

The intuitive, thorough and extroverted way through which Daniel De Granville and his team pass on their knowledge is thought out in every detail for a better learning experience. Vacancies are limited and the duration may be adapted to the available time.

Activities combine indoors presentations with outdoor practices, always taking examples from photography in natural environments and encouraging the exchange of knowledge among participants.

The dynamic approaches leading to practical results could only come from someone committed not only in photography, but also with teaching.

Since 2011 Photo in Natur offers “Intro to Nature Photography” activities in the form of courses and workshops, which have been presented in various parts of Brazil and in Patagonia (Argentina). During this period we have trained more than 120 people among students, scientists, tour guides, retirees and others, encouraging the art of photography and promoting conservation.


What makes our courses and workshops so different is the full-time presence of instructors who not only master the photo techniques, but also have vast experience and taste for teaching and sharing knowledge!

“The rarest scene you will come across during our courses and workshops is seeing me taking photos. I prefer to help participants on getting the best of their images, so I’m always more tuned to their interests than to my own.”
Daniel De Granville, Photo in Natur’s founder and instructor
“The course was so good that I wish it lasted longer. Besides the photographic experience, we interact with colleagues. A new circle of friends that starts – and long live photography!”
“I would like to thank and praise my admiration for your work! Congratulations for the organization, I felt very welcome and at ease – you have a new huge fan!”
“I’m sure these three days will stay in my memory for a long time. New knowledge, people sharing the same ideals and the same passion. You gave me something unexplainable, which was good for my soul. In three days of immersion in this course it seems as I have taken 30 days of vacation.”
“THANK YOU VERY MUCH for organizing the course! We loved it! Daniel, thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with us all, you are an excellent teacher, I’m sure everyone enjoyed and learned a lot too!”
“After this course I have the impression of owning a new camera. Thank you so much!”
“The course was fantastic, Daniel De Granville is a great nature photographer and an excellent teacher. I learned a lot and from now on I will be applying the teachings in my nature photos.”
“A very well qualified teacher with a splendid teaching method and great willingness to teach the basic contents in photography throughout the whole course!”
“The course was very good! It surpassed all my expectations. I want to be back on the next one! Congratulations for the organization and initiative of bringing Daniel, and excellent professional and a very nice person.”