Photo in Natur is a Brazilian company based in Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul) which offers photo expeditions, services and products related to photography, ecotourism and professional training, stimulating environmental awareness and conservation by various means. At first Photo in Natura was dedicated almost exclusively to services related to nature photography. With the development of the company, we broadened our fields of interest. However, we decided to keep the name, which – along with our slogan “nature transforming people” – refers to our origins and our main areas of knowledge. We love our job and we love the place where we work! Our office is amidst the forest, on the boundary between the urban and rural areas of Bonito. From here we organize expeditions for clients from all over the world. While at work, through our window we see coatis, toucans, monkeys and many other animals that come to visit us on a daily basis. We are very responsible and on time for our appointments, but we do not follow rigid standards of working hours or dress codes. We prefer informality as a way to ensure that, for us, the act of working is always enjoyable. We work hard to ensure that our clients are always taken care of the same way we like to be taken care of.

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