Founded in 2008, Photo in Natur is a Brazilian company based in Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul) which offers services and products related to photography, ecotourism and professional training, stimulating environmental awareness and conservation by various means.

To offer services and products related to the environment that sensitize and transform people for a new attitude towards nature.

At first Photo in Natur was dedicated almost exclusively to services related to nature photography. With the development of the company, we broadened our fields of interest. However, we decided to keep the name, which – along with our slogan “nature transforming people” – refers to our origins and our main areas of knowledge.

Since the beginning of our operations back in 2008, we chose Photo in Natura as our brand name. However, ten years later our PHOTOGRAPHY and ECOTOURISM business was accused by a Brazilian COSMETICS company of making reputation parasitism with their commercial name to mislead clients and benefit our business…

For us and for our customers, when we see or read “Photo in Natura” we associate this name exclusively to our work, regardless of any other brand. This is as clear as the crystalline waters of Bonito! However, taking into account the great psychological, emotional and financial loss in administrative and legal issues for years to come, unwillingly but with much peace of mind we decided to change the name of our company to Photo in Natur. The title is a bit different, but the quality and passion for our work will always remain the same 🙂

The outline of a camera frames the silhouette of a Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhinchus hyacinthinus), a flagship species of the region where we are based at. The yellow circle refers both to a camera lens and to a setting sun acting as the background for a silhouette of the bird. These three elements together – camera, bird and sun – refer to Photo in Natur’s main themes and areas of expertise.

“We like to treat our guests in the same way we like to be treated”

“When everything goes well on an expedition, it’s because every detail was carefully planned by our staff”

We love our job and we love the place where we work! Our office is amidst the forest, on the boundary between the urban and rural areas of Bonito. From here we organize expeditions for clients from all over the world. While at work, through our window we see coatis, toucans, monkeys and many other animals that come to visit us on a daily basis.

Photo: Rudi Samara

Photo: Rudi Samara

We are very responsible and on time for our appointments, but we do not follow rigid standards of working hours or dress codes – we prefer informality as a way to ensure that, for us, the act of working is always enjoyable. We work hard to ensure that our clients are always taken care of the same way we like to be taken care of.


” You make poetry with your images, your pictures are a visual poem “

Gilberto Gil, former Brazilian Minister of Culture
during his visit do Daniel’s exhibition in Munich, Germany – May 2006

Photo in Natur is proud to be affiliated with entities that care about quality standards

The uniform worn by our team features drawings by local artist Ronald Rosa and illustrates iconic species of our local wildlife such as the Jaguar, the Green Anaconda and the Red-and-green Macaw.
Cadastur is the official registry for tourism service providers in Brazil and guarantees that the company complies with legal requirements from Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism. The authenticity of this certificate can be verified at the address